An interstate move can be a lot more challenging than moving within the same city or state. This is because you’re transporting yourself and all your belongings to a completely different area that is farther away, which will take more time and preparation to get done. This comes with a set of challenges that might blindside you and your family if you are not prepared for it. That being said, you can stay ahead of the curve by making sure you’re aware of the following challenges, so you can be ready to face them come moving day.

  1. Your possessions getting damaged en route. A lot of homeowners fear the higher chances of their belongings breaking during the long drive across state lines. While it is tempting to pack everything yourself so you can somehow have control over how secure your belongings will be, it’s better to let the professionals handle this job. Moving experts have the skills to properly pack different items and load the boxes properly in the moving truck so nothing topples over or bounces around on the way. If you’re looking for an interstate moving company that can help you with this, ask around and with the company that you feel is most reliable.
    While you might be able to save some money if you decide to pack and load everything yourself, it might not be worth the stress and trouble. Moreover, you might be the reason why your belongings get damaged if you DIY it. It’s best to hire movers to take care of that, so you can focus on more important matters.
  2. Getting all your documents in order. Moving to a completely different state usually involves more bureaucracy and paperwork. You will need to update your address on all your official documents, insurance, and government IDs to reflect this accurate information. Additionally, you will need to get new plates, vehicle tags, and all the relevant documentation in accordance with the laws of the new state as well. Doing all of this will definitely take time, so you need to get as much of it done in advance while preparing for your move.
    To prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed, break down each task and divide what needs to be done between yourself and your family to make it easier. With everyone working together, all of the documents that you need will be ready by moving day.
  3. Sizing down. While you’re in the process of packing away your belongings in your old home, you might notice that there is a lot of unnecessary junk that you don’t need to bring with you. Deciding what stays and what goes is already difficult in itself, but how do you get rid of the items that you’re not planning to take with you? With the day of your move fast approaching, figuring out a way to declutter everything quickly can be challenging.
    Fortunately, there is more than one way to go about this. You can start off by selling your unneeded belongings in a garage sale or online marketplace, especially if they are still in mint condition. Items with sentimental value can be given away to friends and family. Lastly, the rest of the items can be donated to charity or recycled. This is a more responsible way to get rid of old possessions, so you can pack lighter and enjoy a cleaner and less cluttered home.
  4. Surviving the multiple long drives. More often than not, an interstate drive will require a few days or a week to complete, depending on how far the next state is. This means that you will be spending hours behind the wheel while you’re on the way to your new home, which can be exhausting and frustrating. Prepare for it like how you would for a road trip, as it essentially is one. Set aside a budget that will cover your food, accommodation, gas, and other possible miscellaneous expenses. Additionally, make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape to ensure that it survives the long drive as well.
  5. Finding a fair price from movers. It can be harder to find a good deal for an interstate move as many moving companies either overcharge or cut corners, leaving you with less than stellar service. Make it a point to thoroughly research your prospective moving companies and to get estimates of their pricing before you decide on one.
    Remember that an interstate move has to be facilitated by experienced movers as it is far from a simple job. With the right amount of research, you should be able to find the right moving company to hire for the big day.

While moving is far from easy, being as prepared as possible for it can make the process go smoother and easier. By following these tips, you reduce the chances of getting caught off guard when these hurdles present themselves to you.

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