Moving house is difficult enough, but having a lot of large or delicate items makes it even harder. One particular object that takes more effort to move is a piano. Transporting it is definitely something you need to prepare for because you wouldn’t want to damage something so valuable. For many, a piano’s value isn’t simply measured in terms of monetary value but sentimentality as well.

If it’s your first time to move a piano, be sure to keep in mind the following mistakes many people tend to overlook.

Moving it on your own

Don’t ever think that you can just move a piano by yourself. It is always best to seek professional help for this task. Hiring piano moving services is the best thing to do. These experts not only have the experience, but also possess the right equipment in accomplishing the task. Friends and neighbors may be well-meaning enough to extend you a helping hand, but just thank them for the effort and go with the professionals.

Use the piano caster wheels

The wheels at the feet of the piano are suitable for short-term distances only. Don’t commit the mistake of pushing the piano too often during the move or between far locations. It will surely damage not only the casters but the piano itself. The proper way to transport a piano is for an expert to detach the legs temporarily and to move the body of the instrument separately.

Leave the piano lid open

As with any other appliance or equipment, be sure to secure the piano well before transporting it. This includes locking or securing the lid and other parts that may come loose during transport. Otherwise, its delicate ivory keys and other internal parts may be damaged. You may not realize it, but these components are extremely costly to repair or replace. Therefore, be careful with them just as you would the entire piano itself. You should take care of them as well as you would take care of moving furniture.

Load the piano last

Since a piano is such a large item, you might be tempted set it aside during the move and plan to load it last into the moving truck. Instead, heavy objects such as a piano need to be loaded first and firmly secured against the back wall of the truck. This also helps distribute the weight inside the truck better, making the travel smoother and safer. You can also better sort out the smaller items as you unload them in your new house this way.

Not knowing where to position it in your new home

Nothing else could be worse than not having a place for your piano in your new house. You can’t just leave it in the driveway or lawn until you’ve found the perfect spot. Instead, make sure that you include your piano in your interior design planning before the move. Don’t be undecided about it as you can’t just let such a big, heavy item languish amidst boxes in the garage.

Tune up the piano upon arrival

You might think that you need to immediately tune your piano after such a long and arduous move. Experts actually recommend that you let the instrument rest and settle into its new spot in your new home before tinkering with its insides. Otherwise, your tune-up session may just be for naught and you will need to call over the tuner again after a couple of months. Allow the piano’s strings and internal mechanisms to stabilize before doing anything with it.

Even if it’s your first time to move with your prized piano, just make sure to steer clear of these common mistakes and you will be fine. If you do so, you’ll soon enjoy making great music with your piano once more in your lovely new home.

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