Picking a moving company to hire can be a lengthy process. Not only because there are many options to choose from, but also because you need to screen your candidates to find out which is the most qualified. After all, hiring the wrong mover can result in a lot of stress, worry, and even extra charges. To ensure that you pick the right mover for your relocation, here are six things that you need to keep an eye on when choosing a hauling company.

Check for Mover’s License and Insurance

To operate, moving companies need a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Make sure to check for their license and insurance company, which should be prominently displayed in their establishments and websites.

Aside from these, double-check with the moving company if they can travel out of state. Long distance movers need additional permits and other requirements to cross borders and operate outside their home state.

By checking the company’s license and the area they cover, you can feel more assured that you’re transacting with a legitimate and reliable long distance moving company.

Find Out Company Services

Moving companies offer a variety of services, some of which you can customize. Some only transport your belongings while others offer loading and packaging assistance as well. You can also hire full-service moving companies who manage everything from packaging your items to unloading them in your new home.

Hence, you need to hire movers that can offer the kind of service you need. Do you want a transport-only service? Or would it be more convenient for you to hire a full-service company? Make sure to check different movers and compare their services. Once you have a list of hauling companies to choose from, get quotes from each of them, and find out which offer gets the best value for your money.

Scan the Company’s Website and Reviews

Customers today know better than to trust a company from their ads alone. Be a smart consumer, and find out more about the company’s background online. Aside from their list of services and history, look for reviews from previous clients and see if there have been any major complaints filed against them.

Reviews are significantly helpful in learning more about the company’s work ethic and job history because chances are that the same may also happen to you. When there are several good reviews, you can feel more assured that you can rely on these movers. While a few bad reviews are unavoidable, too many of these are a big red flag.

Ask for a Quote

When asking for an estimate of costs, there are several things you need to look for aside from the quote. Firstly, watch how the customer representative breaks down the costs. Transparency is crucial in large transactions such as relocating items, so you must have a clear idea of their services and rates. If the representative lists everything down and properly explains their costs, then you know you’re dealing with a trustworthy company. Alternatively, never accept a flat estimate without a clear breakdown of charges.

Secondly, after gathering quotes from different movers, don’t settle immediately on the least expensive one. Examine which offer will give the most comfort and ease within your budget. You don’t want to risk ending up with inexperienced movers or damaging your possessions by going for a cheap yet unreliable company. Only after careful examination and comparison should you choose a company for your move.

Inquire about Payment Modes

Proper documentation is crucial when you’re moving to another place, especially signed documents and receipts. You can use them in case you need to call insurance, get a refund, or acquire a reimbursement from your job. Hence, don’t forget to inquire about the available payment methods the moving companies offer. Whether you’re paying in cash, using a card, or giving a check, make sure to keep the receipts.

Beware of companies that only use wire transfer as a payment method, especially when they only offer flat estimates with no breakdown.

Check their Trucks

When hiring movers, try meet them in person before the big day. After all, these are the people who will be handling your items, and you can make further inquiries about services and payments. Find a chance to look at their trucks. These vehicles are a moving company’s greatest assets, so they must be in tip-top shape. If there’s no logo on the side, the vehicle is not well-maintained, or the truck is only rented, perhaps hold off on their offer and look for another company to partner with.

Overall, the right moving company will differ for everybody. To find the right mover for you, however, you need to put in the work and extra care in checking who you hire. All of that extra effort will bear fruit in the end. Rest assured that your possessions will be in good hands if you take the above factors into consideration.

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