When it comes to interstate moves, deciding to do it is the easiest part. On the other hand, planning and preparing for a move like this is a lot more challenging. In addition to packing everything up in your current home, you also need to be aware of any state regulations and permits that you may need to comply with. Settling these ahead of time will make your move easier to do and less stressful. Here are a few things that you need to take care of before your upcoming interstate move:

  1. Consider hiring professional movers. Moving to a new state is a difficult process, but it can be a lot less stressful when you have help from the experts. These people already know what to do and they can handle your belongings with care. Though hiring interstate moving services can be expensive, it may be worth doing if you’re moving to a faraway state and need all the professional help you can get. You should also do some research in finding reputable moving companies as these ones will be insured and certified to offer the services that you need. That way, you can ensure that you hire the right movers.
  2. Make the necessary travel arrangements and book in advance. If the state that you’re planning to move to is far away, then the move isn’t as simple as a road trip. You may need to fly to your new destination and stay in a hotel for some time. Even if your move is still weeks or months away, book everything ahead of time to give yourself peace of mind.Aside from getting these tasks out of the way, you may get a better deal on plane tickets and hotel stays when you buy them in advance. Consider what you’re going to bring in your suitcase during the trip as well. Aside from all your essentials, pack important documents in your suitcase so you can keep them safe and readily accessible during the moving process.
  3. Have your utilities taken care of. In addition to travel arrangements, you also need to sort out your utilities as well. These will include electricity, water, internet service provider, security systems, and much more. Contact your current providers and let them know that you’re moving out of state, so you can have them transferred or cancelled. On top of that, you also need to schedule installations of utilities at your new address in the other state. This is to ensure that your home is ready to be lived in when you arrive there.
  4. Cancel or transfer all your memberships. To avoid paying for services that you will no longer use, it’s best to have them canceled or transferred in preparation for your interstate move. The same goes for any records you may have with different service providers or your children’s schools. Let them know about your move so the records can be released to you or transferred to the new state.
  5. Let people know about your move. Saying goodbye is a difficult but necessary part of moving. Sometimes, it may even be harder for the people that you’re leaving behind. Allow yourself and your family enough time to inform friends and other loved ones about the move and settle any obligations that you may have with them. It seems like a small thing, but you’ll find that taking the time to do this before moving can make it feel more exciting than sad.
  6. Establish legal domicile in the new state. Moving to another state means that you have to comply with the laws and regulations that are exclusive to that area. If you intend to move to the new state permanently or plan to make it your main residence, you will need to list it as your domicile for tax purposes, voter registration, claiming of benefits, and more. While each state will have unique considerations and requirements when it comes to domicile, one way to establish it is to renew and update your information on your government IDs and documents like your driver’s license, car registration, and pet license. If you are going further, you might want to consider long distance moving services as well.

Preparing to move to a different state can be an exciting but meticulous process. It requires a lot of planning long before you even begin the harrowing trip, so it’s important that you set aside enough time to get everything ready.

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