Wherever you plan to move heavy furniture in your home, you may consider getting the pros. Hiring experienced movers can ensure the job is done in a seamless and fast way. Pro furniture movers also help reduce the risks of damaging the furniture. You also need not risk chronic pains, falls, or any chances of hurting yourself from the heavy lifting of furniture.

DIY Furniture Moving

If you are handling smaller furniture or have a few sets of strong hands to help you, you may simply lift the furniture yourself. However, should the weight of the furniture be more than you can handle, or you aren’t confident you have the right technique to move the furniture intact, it may be time to call the experts.

Hiring Movers to Move Furniture In Your Home

When renovating your moving furniture to different rooms or floors in the building, you may need the help of pros. Here are some situations where you need help with furniture moving:

  • Single item furniture moving- When you have a massive piano or armoire you need to move room-to-room, or from the top floor, bring the experts in.
  • Bringing home new furniture- Furniture movers can help you get rid of old furniture and bring items into your home that furniture delivery services may not accomplish. 
  • Renovating- Painting, and installing carpets and flooring may call for some help clearing out furniture from the rooms and bringing them back in. 
  • During an eviction- When you need to move out of your home in a short period, you can hire movers to help you move or get rid of your furniture. 
  • Rearranging furniture- When you need extra hands to do the heavy lifting of your beds, sofas, and other furniture around the home, you need not hesitate to ask for help from pro furniture movers. They may also give you home staging tips.
  • Heavy furniture disassembly and reassembly- Before loading and after unloading the moving truck, you may need experts to fully take apart your furniture and put the pieces back together.

Furniture moving for a long-distance move

If you want to bring heirloom pieces and well-made furniture across the country, this may be the best time to bring in the pros. There are several ways to move furniture over a long distance. These are:

  • Full-service moving company- You may outsource big furniture moving to reputable moving companies. Enlisting the same company to disassemble, pack, load, unload, unpack, and reassemble your furniture can help avoid the risk of damage to your furniture. You may also consider getting insurance when moving heirloom furniture pieces.
  • Moving container or portable storage container- When moving furniture long distance, you may choose to store them in a container at a secure storage facility. You can also keep the container on your property so you can load and unload it later. An 8-foot portable container is often enough to store a few pieces of furniture for a long-distance move.
  • Freight shipping company- You can opt for less-than or full-truck-load shipments for long-distance moves. The shipments may be moved several times during transport. For full-truck-load shipments, they are in the same truck until it reaches your destination.

How Much Do Movers Charge for Furniture Moving?

Should you choose to hire full-service movers or furniture-only movers to transport your heavy items, know that prices vary widely between $70 to $600. It depends on the shipment weight, the number of furniture to be transported, whether it will be moved in-home or cross-country, and moving irregularly-shaped furniture which will require a different technique.

Furniture Moving Tips

Whether you’re moving furniture by yourself or hiring movers, below are things you need to know to properly move furniture in your home:

  • Take an inventory of what you need to move. 
  • Ask or plan how much time it will take to disassemble and prepare the furniture for the move.
  • Measure doorways, hallways, stairways, and elevators. You may need to disassemble furniture and remove doors. You will then need the right equipment to do this next task.
  • Get the tools ready for disassembly and reassembly of furniture. You will also need Ziploc bags to keep smaller pieces and bolt screws. For moving heavier pieces, you may need to rent a dolly with straps.
  • Have the instruction manual on-hand or take pictures as you disassemble the furniture.
  • Clean furniture and upholstery after the move. You may dust the furniture before moving as well as dust and debris may scratch the surface of the furniture during the move.
  • Secure fragile pieces using moving blankets, bubble wrap, and packaging tape to avoid damage on your furniture. You may also bubble wrap to help protect delicate wood. Sofa covers and plastic wrap can help protect the upholstery. Meanwhile, you can also place corrugated cardboard in between the furniture.
  • Dismantle the furniture at least a day before the move.
  • Load heavy furniture properly into the moving truck first. Have them at the back of the truck with a wall of boxes surrounding them.
  • Secure upholstered items with a rope to the hooks in the truck and add packing blankets to prevent damage.

Furniture moving techniques

Should you opt to move furniture in your home or relocate on your own, below are some tips to prevent injuries:

  • Don’t bend from your waist. Your legs and arms should be carrying most of the weight to avoid back injury. Do this by bending from the knees as you lift the heavy furniture.
  • Keep the furniture close to your body and keep your balance as you move the furniture carefully.
  • Avoid twisting your body or any other sudden movements to avoid injuries.
  • You need a partner or two to help you move furniture up and down the stairs. Follow the high and low techniques. That is, the person at the bottom end of the stairway should carry the dresser from its bottom surface while moving as slowly as possible. Meanwhile, the person at the top of the stairs should lift the item from its top surface.
  • Use the hook method to get through doors. That is, hook the chair or table ends around the corners so that it curves in an L-shape before pushing it through the doorway. For large items, carry them at a 45-degree angle to make them more narrow as it goes through the door.

Furniture moving should be done carefully to prevent damage. With the right packing supplies, technique, and experience, furniture movers can make the move efficiently for your peace of mind.

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