People have different feelings when it comes to unpacking. Some people enjoy it while others don’t. Nonetheless, the key to accomplishing it effectively lies in having a system. If you feel overwhelmed at the idea of unpacking your belongings, here is a quick rundown of an unpacking system that can help you quickly settle in your new home.

Effective Packing is Key

Ironically, the key to easier unpacking starts in the packing phase. By practicing smart packing tips, you make it significantly easier for you to unpack them later on. To execute this, remember the following tips below:

  • Label your boxes — Write the room and content on the box where you can easily read it.
  • Make an inventory list — Number the boxes and list down what’s inside them. You can also take a picture of the box to make it easier for you.
  • Pack items by room — Don’t mix items that belong in different parts of the house (e.g. kitchenware, children’s toys). Have the movers put them in the corresponding rooms.
  • Put essentials in one box — Essentials include the items you will need to live in the first 24 hours of your new home. Ideally, you would have one essentials box for each room of the house.

If you don’t have the time to pack your items, you can always hire a reliable packing service. Just make sure to do your background check on packing services to ensure you’re transacting with professionals.

Set Up the Furniture First

One of the key ideas behind organizing is to start from big objects to small objects. Furniture such as sofas, cabinets, and desks all have a significant effect on how you will arrange items later on. Items like containers and shelving come next. Simply put, settle first the arrangement of the big pieces of furniture before unpacking any of the small items. It will help you avoid moving said items later on when you change your mind.

Start with “Priority Rooms”

Priority rooms refer to spaces in the house that you will immediately use after moving in. They usually comprise of three rooms: the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Bear in mind that in this part of the process, you don’t need to unpack all of your clothes and personal belongings just yet. Also check in with your piano mover if you had your instruments moved.


The bedroom is a priority because it gives you a clean place to relax after unpacking your belongings. Additionally, if you feel too tired from your trip, you can rest for a while before getting to work on opening boxes. Put out the beddings, change of clothes, a nightlight, and other items you need for the bedroom. Avoid arranging the rest of your clothes in the closet for now.


If you need a place to rest, you also need a place to wash. For the bathroom, make sure that the water is running and that the space is clean. Nobody wants to use a dirty toilet. Afterward, you can place your toiletries, shower curtains, and other bathroom essentials.


The kitchen is the powerhouse of the home. It is where you cook, store, and prepare food. The kitchen is notoriously known for containing the most items in the house, ranging from appliances to dishware. To avoid clutter, take out the bare minimum first.

On the question of which room you should arrange first, it’s entirely up to you. It merely depends on what you need immediately after arriving at your new home.

Work on the Living Spaces

The living spaces, such as the living room and office, are often considered the most fun rooms to work on. You get to set up the TV, browse through your books, and organize your working space. It becomes so easy to get immersed in these items that you waste time looking at them instead of organizing them. Hence, it’s best to stick closely to the system. Arrange the big furniture, put out the essentials, and leave your knick-knacks, papers, and other collections for another time.

Organize the Closets and Cabinets

This is the most work-extensive part of the process. You will be unpacking the items inside the boxes and placing them in the closets, cabinets, and drawers of your new home. It can feel overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of things. Thus, working in one room at a time will yield you the most optimal results. Again, work on the priority rooms first before going to the living spaces.

As for how fast you should work, just work in your own timeline. Some people recommend that you unpack immediately while you still feel energetic. Others, however, recommend living in the new place for a week or so to get a feel of the space. This, they explain, will allow you to organize your items better down the road.

Put Up the Decor

Decors are the cherry on top. Paintings, pictures, and other knick-knacks you’ve collected personalize the space. They make your new place feel like your home. Leave them for last, like tying the bow of a gift.

Overall, while unpacking takes a lot of work, it doesn’t need to be difficult. With a system in place, taking out your belongings and decorating your new home will become a more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

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