Moving allows people to tap into opportunities not currently available in their present location. Whether it’s because you want to start a new job or even a new family, moving homes can be an integral chapter in your life, no matter how near or far. But with every move comes the logistical nightmare of what to do with all those things. Boxes and boxes, piles upon piles, taking up space in your house, storage unit, or moving van isn’t the most ideal way to go about it.

Before hiring a local moving service, lightening your load should be a priority. It not only gives you less to travel with, but also may help line your pockets with some spare change. There are many benefits to selling some of your belongings before a move. But if selling off some of your things has never crossed your mind, allow us to help you with the process. Here are some tips.

What’s for Sale?

Before you start stamping prices on random things from your home, it is important for you to determine what you need to actually sell. This is where sorting through your things comes in. Sorting will help you decide if your things are really worth the space they’ll be taking up in your new home. After all, we all have that hand-me-down we just can’t wait to get rid of. This is especially true if you are going for a long distance move.

Before selling, figure out which items are appropriate for resale and which should be headed to the dumpster. Make sure nothing is broken, bent, torn, or scratched beyond repair. This is especially important when it comes to reselling second-hand appliances and electronics. Once you are sure your items are in good condition, give these a once over and clean these up. You want your items looking their best before snapping a picture for your post.

Old for Gold

Old appliances and electronics are some of the things that you might want to consider selling. They are difficult—and therefore costly—to move, and at the end of the day, you might be spending more than what your old washer, dryer, or television is actually worth. By selling these, you make the move easier for both you and the movers. You also have the added bonus of earning money, which you can choose to put towards the purchase of new appliances and electronics.

Old furniture is also another item that might be up for sale. They might not fit your new home, and what’s more, old and damaged furniture might not make the trip.  Like with appliances, selling these items can net you a nice profit, which you can use to purchase new furniture. This will be a great opportunity to reboot your style and try something different.

Another great source of moving income includes anything you might have an excess of. An extra set silverware? One too many sheets? Now is the perfect opportunity to downsize and get rid of clutter. You can also hire a piano moving service. This will help you save on boxes and save on bucks spent for the move.

Garage Sales and More

Now that you have your inventory, it’s time to find a place to sell your stuff. The most traditional way is throwing a garage sale. But today’s times may call for a faster, digital solution.

Fortunately, the internet offers a number of options for people to sell their belongings. The simplest way to do so is via sites like Craig’s List or Facebook Marketplace. These sites are specifically designed to cater to your location and allow you to sell your items to people close by. This way, you can minimize shipping costs and even do in-person meetups for the items you choose to sell, thus making the transaction quicker.

Other great resources online are eBay and eBay Valet. The company has allowed weekend tycoons to sell their items nationwide for years, but if you aren’t as confident with your reselling abilities as others, eBay offers eBay Valet. With this service, the company will pair you with a Professional Seller who will take photos of your item, post them online and act as a middle man for the sale. Take note, however, that the Professional Seller will take a percentage of the sale as commission. Extra items can be hauled off by moving and storage companies for safe keeping.

Other Options

There may be things in your home that you find unsuitable for sale or disposal. Old baby clothes, toys, and other accessories might actually find a second life as donations. Donating to your local church, charity, or Salvation Army can help those less fortunate find the things they need from the stuff you don’t need.

For things like old documents and photographs, you may want to resort to digitization. This will ensure that your items are only taking up valuable space in the cloud and not in your home.

Moving doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. These are just some of the ways you can earn a little extra cash during your move. Remember that just because you and your family may be leaving your home behind, doesn’t mean you can’t earn a little something while doing it.

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