Moving is a life-changing event that is often characterized by mixed emotions. On one hand, it allows you to explore a new environment where you can meet new people and improve your life. On the other hand, the process involves a lot of uncomfortable changes. This includes the challenges of physically moving all your belongings into a new home. You might also want to consider hiring local moving services to make things easier for you and your family.


Perhaps one of the most time-consuming and difficult things about moving is packing your bedroom. Bedrooms often contain some of our most beloved personal possessions, including clothes, shoes, and jewelry. On top of this, moving bed frames, mattresses, television screens, and hire reliable packing services to make the process a lot easier. 


To help you pack your bedroom before moving, take note of the following essential tips.


Sort Through All Your Belongings


Part of moving means going through all the contents of your closet, including drawers and any storage space in your bedroom. It gives you the opportunity to declutter and let go of things you no longer need. This is a good time to heed advice from Japanese decluttering expert Marie Kondo, which is to let go of belongings with gratitude. It might be hard to give up an old dress or a tattered baseball cap that has seen better days. But even if you have to let them go, it’s an opportunity to be thankful for the things you had.


Once you’ve decided which items to keep, throw away, or donate, you’ll have an easier time packing. It’s also more convenient and less costly to transport fewer items when you finally move.


Obtain Packing Supplies


After decluttering, you’ll have a better sense of how much you’re going to bring. The next step is to gather packing supplies. Be sure to get plenty of packing tape, small and medium-sized boxes, garbage bags, shrink wrap, and bubble wrap. Get a permanent marker pen to label boxes and bags. This way, you’ll know which boxes to prioritize unpacking once you reach your new home. You can also consider movers with packing services.


For bed frames or chairs you need to disassemble, make sure you have screwdrivers and Allen wrenches on hand to easily dismantle them. You may use recycled materials such as old newspapers to cover hard furniture surfaces. Furniture pads can also be purchased to protect tables, chairs, or lamps that you’re planning to take on your move. If you’re taking your mattress, you can also get special mattress covers for protection.


Packing Your Belongings Properly


The next step is to get packing. If you’re moving from a house, allot enough boxes for each room you will pack. Label the box according to which room they came from, and the type of items inside. It’s best to keep similar items together to make it easier to find and arrange what you need. Here’s how to properly pack several major items from your bedroom:


  1. Clothing – Fold clothes neatly and store them in large plastic bags. Once they’re in plastic bags, you can pack them inside medium-sized boxes. For special clothes such as suits and dresses, you can purchase a wardrobe box that allows you to transport clothes on hangers. This prevents the fabric from getting creases and folds.
  2. Furniture – Always carefully disassemble furniture that can be dismantled. Cover the surface with paper or bubble wrap to prevent scratches. Also, make sure to wrap furniture legs with bubble wrap. For larger furniture, you can use special moving blankets for better coverage.
  3. Bed Frame and Mattress – If you can, it’s best to dismantle the bed frame and pack it in a box. Be sure to place all bolts, nuts, and screws in a labeled bag. This way, you won’t easily misplace it. To keep the mattress clean and free from tears, you can store it in a mattress bag.
  4. Television Screen – Be sure to remove all cords and put them in a labeled bag. If you have the original TV box, it’s best to pack it there. If you don’t, you can cover the TV in bubble wrap and place cardboard all around it. Be sure to use a furniture blanket to cover the entire device. Finally, use a shrink wrap to cover it all around.


Reduce Stress by Packing Ahead of Time


Moving entails decluttering your belongings and making sure to bring the essentials. Since it takes time, it’s best to pack early enough so that you’re not too stressed on the actual day of your move. If possible, do your sorting a couple of months in advance. This will give you enough time to go through your belongings without forgetting anything.


While this guide does not cover every detail about packing your bedroom before a move, we hope this provides you with key ways to deal with packing in an organized manner.

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