Although packing your belongings and hiring interstate moving services are important when planning for a move, the location where you’re moving to must be your top priority. Looking for the perfect place to call home gives you the opportunity to start fresh, as well as make new happy memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

However, deciding where to relocate can be tough. There many states in the United States that offer great career opportunities, cater to your lifestyle, and give you a lot of room to grow. But in the past few years, people are noticing that certain states are seeing an increase in population due to people moving interstate.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 states Americans are moving to and the reason why they’re attracted to them.


  1. Washington

For many millennials, Washington is the ideal place to live in for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Washington offers a lot of job opportunities due to the fact that many of America’s well-known companies are headquartered there. Big names such as Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Nordstrom have over hundreds of thousands of employees, and are always looking for more people to help expand their business.

Secondly, Washington is known as The Evergreen state. Its surroundings are filled with gorgeous state parks and breathtaking mountain views, making the state the perfect place to live for those who love the great outdoors.

Thirdly, Washington offers excellent third-level education, with The University of Washington attracting both in-state students and those across the country.

Lastly, Washington has no income tax, so people can enjoy all of their earnings after all their hard work.


  1. North Carolina

North Carolina is great place for those looking for work and want to start a family. Thanks to its impressive education, technology, and financial sectors, North Carolina offers a lot of job opportunities for fresh graduates and those searching for a new career path. North Carolina is also known for its low cost of living with people spending below the national average for their housing, healthcare, utilities, and transportation. Additionally, North Carolina’s taxes are lower than the national average, so people can save a lot when living in this state.

North Carolina also has a lot of places where people can enjoy the great outdoors. Places like Carolina Crowders Mountain State Park and The Great Smokey Mountains Park make excellent areas where people can take a moment and be amazed by the beauty of nature. What’s more, North Carolina’s community is composed of a melting pot of diverse people, so it’s food, music, and fashion scenes are incredibly unique.


  1. Nevada

Although the Las Vegas strip is Nevada’s biggest attraction, it isn’t the main reason why people are relocating to the state. Nevada has a solid, growing economy that offers a lot of job opportunities to those seeking work. Nevada is also one of the few states that has no state income tax, allowing people to fully enjoy their earnings.

Additionally, there’s plenty of affordable housing to go around in Nevada because the massive state has a very small number of residents. The average price of a home in Nevada is around $275,000, which is very reasonable compared to other states where the average price of a property can hit $400,000. As for the cost of apartments, it’s very reasonable. People can rent a one bedroom apartment in Nevada at around $783 a month.


  1. Idaho

People who want to start a family or raise their kids in a family-oriented environment move to Idaho. The U.S. News puts Idaho in the top 10 safest states to live, with its crime rate 25% lower than the national average. Idaho is also seeing a lot of growth in its business scene, offering a lot of job openings for fresh grads and those looking for better career opportunities. Idaho’s cost of living is also very affordable and people enjoy the state’s low tax burdens. Additionally, Idaho has a great balance of urban, suburban, and countryside living, making it an excellent place to live for people with varying lifestyles.


  1. Texas

One of the biggest reasons why Texas has become a popular place people are relocating to is because of its booming economy. Texas has one of the healthiest state economies in the country, ranking 12th as the best state economy based on several factors, including the following:

  • GDP growth
  • Jobs in high-tech industries
  • Startups

Because of this, Texas has a lot of job opportunities, offering people high-wage, blue-collar jobs for those seeking work. Texas is also an affordable place to live in. Even in the most popular cities in the state, San Antonio and Houston, people can purchase homes that cost around $243,300 to $289,900.

There are also tons of things to see and do in Texas. From visiting the Guadalupe Mountains National Park to tasting the best barbecues in Austin, people who move to the state will never feel bored.

When it comes to relocating to a new place, location is always important. The United States has several cities, towns, and states that offer distinct benefits, which may or may not suit your lifestyle. By taking a look at these top 5 states Americans are moving to and learning the reasons behind them, reaching a decision on where to move is made easier.

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