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With over 25 years serving central Florida, Sam’s Movers now serves Orlando. Call anytime for great southern hospitality while we move your home. Schedule below or give the office a call.

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sams movers lakeland with storage

Moving With Storage

Storage moves both in and out can be a hassle. Save time and money with Sam's. Also save your back and any risk involved with a truck.

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Movers Services

We move everything except for ammunition. Any type of ammunition must be moved in your personal vehicle. Lakeland proud, but not stupid.

sams movers lakeland packing services

We Pack As Movers

We box everything for you in an assembly line. Everything is secure on its way to another location. Merry days ahead with Sam's.

Orlando Movers

Sam’s Movers has been serving central Florida since the 90s; however we have recently expanded to greater Orlando. Southern hospitality now reaches the mega-amalgamation knows as the City of Magic. We’ll pick up your stuff, and drive it with courtesy no matter how many stopped mini-vans are in the middle of the highway. Call anytime.

Movers Orlando and Subdivisions

Orlando is full of different areas and gated communities. Plus, if you factor in downtown, then there is much to know as to what you can do and when you can do it. A big truck versus the neighborhood rules means drama averted.

Experience is here for you at Sam’s Movers. We come with the big truck like others, but since we’re local, we can change to smaller trucks or vans with less weight immediately. We do it all the time.

Conversations with HOAs, building managers, elevator restriction staff and more are easily handled by us. The office will know before any drama begins. You are the hero to them for checking beforehand and now Sam’s Movers is your favorite company forever.

What we expect from you.

For in town Orlando moves, we mainly expect you to have in your possession the keys. Also, we like to know in advance if there is no power in the new unit. If the power is not on, then we bring additional equipment – Orlando is hot.

What we expect from you is to start the job. That happens twice. Start the load. Start the unload. Once we begin the job, then the job ends.

Everything else is up to you, if you generally have no interest in the loading or unloading process, we do ask that you send the keys to the location as truck gas is expensive. A great conversation with the office will answer any other questions for your moving day in beautiful Orlando.


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