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Moving Company in Tampa, FL

A great choice for movers in Tampa is Sam’s Movers. Our moving services have been perfected for over 27 years. You’ve seen our trucks, now try our service by clicking below or calling today. As always, “Handling Your Home With Care”. Talk to you soon.

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Sam’s Movers


Sam’s Movers is the king of the hill when it comes to moving companies in the Tampa, FL area. We know moving is a personal and pride ourselves on friendly, professional and caring customer service. You are never just another job to Sam’s Movers.

Tampa Movers Services

Movers Services

Our moving services have been in Tampa and you’ve seen it done. We’re good, we’re great, we’re cleaner than most. Your home and office will be job well done by our local smiling staff.

Tampa Move To Storage

Moving to Storage

Every single storage facility in Tampa is busy. When you choose to move in or out of storage, Sam’s Movers is ready. We bring the right size truck, and already know the storage office on a first name basis.

Tampa Packer Services

Packer Services

The best service we offer is having the same people pack and unpack your boxes. Packing services are the reason you use a mover. We make sure that everything reaches your new home and staged with care.

Your Professional Moving Helper is on the Way

Sam’s Movers is family owned moving company in Tampa, Florida that has been in the industry for a number of years providing moving services to residents in and out of the area.

We’ll help you move to your new locations without any stress. Our experienced team works quickly and efficiently. We offer all inclusive services for office or apartment relocation, packing & unpacking, moving with ease. So if you’re planning a move, let us take some of the stress off your hands because here at Sam’s Movers we provide excellent customer service with a smile.

Clarity on Pricing

We offer competitive and fair pricing so that it is always clear to the customer how much we are going to charge them. Our rates are based on hourly rates for labor and the cost of using the truck itself. You can always receive a quote directly from us before you even begin on this journey. We will work with you to try to ensure that the pricing is fair based on the budget that you have available at this time.

Insurance Coverage

You can rest assured that your belongings are fully protected when they are in our hands. We carry full insurance protection to make sure you never have to worry about something of yours getting lost or damaged in the process of being transported. Thus, you can rest easy knowing that it is all taken care of and that you will receive your items, or you will receive a payment in an equal amount to the value of the lost or damaged items. This should provide you with the comfort that you need to put your trust in us. 

Ultimately, the bottom line is that our customers always receive the kind of service we expect to be offered to someone we know and care for. That is the promise that you get with Sam’s Movers of Tampa, Florida. Let us be your residential or office mover.

Customer Service

From the moment you call us at Sam’s Movers to the time when we are signing a final contract with you, the service that we provide to you will be top-notch. Our full-service moving packages includes packing and logistical planning.

Available When You Need Us

One of the things that we offer is flexibility in setting up your date and time for when you need to have your moving company service set up. If there are specific dates that work best for you, then we will work to make that happen.

The Best Moving Company in Tampa

  • Fully Licensed & Insured Moving Company

  • Local Tampa Movers Staff

  • Proffesional & Affordable

Why Move With Us?

Sam’s Movers is a full service local moving company in Tampa that serves our community since 1996. We provide custom moving solutions for all your packing and moving needs. You can be certain that the things that matter to you arrive timely and safely without a hitch.

Long distance moving is a huge task that requires sorting, packing, and deciding how to transport items. To make things less complicated, Sam’s Movers will have everything covered – for fast relocation or storage. With our professional packing services, we provide help in packing and unpacking home and office items to meet busy schedules and budget requirements. We have partners in the packing supplies industry that offer a wide range of options for a more secure packing and storage.

Sam’s Movers in Tampa is Your Answer

From piano moving, residential and commercial office moves, to getting your possessions to storage, we can handle it all. We are fully certified and insured, and our team is one of the finest in the industry. Our professional moving expertise spans from a number of years in the business and we have a lot of satisfied clients that have depended on us for many of their moving needs.

Do you need to move to another area in Florida, or even a new state? The destination is no problem as we can safely get your valuables to and from any state that you are deciding to move to.

We can have your precious possessions quickly and professionally packed, and ready to move to anywhere that you require them to be. We can handle big or small moves with efficient precision, so if you need to move your piano to a new house or relocate your office we can surely get the job done!

We are fully licensed and insured, and our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable to meet your every need. Contact us today for your free moving quote and we’ll have a member of our team to assist you at the soonest.

Safe and Secure

Our belongings are valuable to us, and we at Sam’s Movers definitely understand this. We are one of the best-rated moving companies in Tampa because we care about safeguarding the things that matter to you. Expect anything that you have us move for you to arrive at their destination in pristine condition. From packing to handling to transporting, you have nothing to worry about.

We also take time to label and catalog each piece to ensure a worry-free clearance at the destination for our customers peace of mind. Our full-service package offers warehouse drop-off, truck rental, and moving labor choices that serve as a one-stop-shop to book a move.

Speedy Scheduling

Safely getting your possessions to their designated destination is just half of the equation, Sam’s Movers is the Tampa mover that can get anything from furniture, appliances and even handle piano moving with speed. The process from asking for a free movers quote online to getting your valuables delivered is done efficiently, saving you from the unnecessary stress of spending too much time waiting.

Sam’s Movers is a long distance moving service that offers safe and timely transport of valuables in and out of the Florida area. We go past the transit requirements by making sure that every item is shrink-wrapped in the best and highest-grade materials.


Moving can be a very stressful time, but fortunately with our professional moving service we help you from properly formulating your packing checklist to getting your possessions safely and securely packed and ready to go. We use industrial grade protective packing materials that will safeguard your valuables on their trip to your new home, office space or storage site. Do you have a certain special requirement for your move? Let us know and we will gladly tailor-fit a solution for you.

  • Plastic protection bags for furniture and mattresses
  • Specialized boxes and storage for valuable items, such as paintings
  • Custom wrapping for made-to-order high-value items and furniture.
  • Free consultation with our team of well-trained personnel


Do you have items that need to be properly and securely packed to be moved to a storage location? Then Sam’s Movers can have that done for you. There are just some items that need to be stored for future use and we want to make sure that we preserve the memories that come along these items with our secure packing expertise. Let us help you get the things you need for a later time safely packed and preserved.

  • Customized crates
  • Temperature-controlled transport
  • Purpose-built storage boxes to safely transport bikes, TVs, and wardrobe boxes including rails for clothes
  • Installations
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Sam’s Movers Provides Quality Moving

Proudly Servicing Tampa, FL


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