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Sam's Movers Balm


Sam’s Movers is a country mover that loves meetin’ folks in Balm. Your homestead or smaller move is facilitated by our local group of guy and gal movers. They pack ya’ up and mover ya’ home. Call today or request a quote below. See ya’ soon.

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Balm Mover - Sam's Movers


Sam’s Movers is not just any mover, our company is 100% local. We know the people who’s gonna be in your home. Everyone stays employed, everybody works. We love our staff and hope you choose to support us here at Sam’s.

Balm Packers - Sam's Movers


We’ve been the packer people for many a large homestead or property move. You can rest assured that we can pack flatbeds and more with your barn or with your goods. Facilitatin’s easier with people who bring the stuff you need to transport.

Balm Mover To Storage - Sam's Movers

Mover to Storage

You can’t live in Balm without wonderin’ about gettin a mover to a storage unit. Do I leave this in my yard? Or should I put it somewhere in air condition’n? Call us up and we come today. Our rates our good and we can store stuff too!

Sam’s Movers Balm

Balm moves aren’t necessarily complicated; however, Sam’s is one of the only moving companies in Balm. We drive all the way to you from the big city to ensure that you have a great move. Rates could be very good if you and your neighbor schedule together. Driving’s not expensive, but labor is. Call today for a quote.

Country Roads in Balm, FL

You ain’t seen green fields like you do in Balm. Trees and nature are everywhere that you want to be. Your days are smellin’ good, and your nights have a quiet that you can’t get nowhere’s else in the county.

We hope you like strawberries, cuz Balm got plenty of them. We got a strawberry festival, a strawberry farm and a strawberry billboard. Who doesn’t like a little shortbread or waffle on their strawberries?

Sam’s Movers been serving the Balm, FL area for since many of yous were born. Over 27 years rollin’ up an’ down these streets with our big moving trucks means, YES! We’ve been paid in strawberries before. Eatin’ good always sounds good. Moving is a challenging responsibility; we hope y’all choose Sam’s Movers to move ya’ today.

What’s it like living in Balm Florida

If you choose to move to Balm, then you are choosing a country lifestyle. You’ll be able to pull up in your yard anywhere you want. You can leave the kid toys outside and the door unlocked.

Your local community is always around to help you out. Outdoor activities and neighbor transportation includes 4 wheeln’ and dirt bikes – maybe a golf cart too. You’ll enjoy your life the way it was supposed to be as a resident of Balm.

Sam’s Movers has locations in Tampa, St Pete, and Sarasota. We consider Balm a local move for us. Your rates are easy to get since we’re talkin’ about payin’ your bill to move. Call today, say hello!


Balm Barn, Homestead and Property Movers


Telephone: 813-293-2073
16133 N Dale Mabry Hwy,
Tampa, FL 33618


Get to know us! Give us a call today for your big move.

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