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Sams Movers Carrollwood


Sam’s Movers in Carrollwood is accustomed to the traffic and rain. You want a great moving experience? Then Sam’s is right here in the neighborhood to help. We are located across from Home Depot and you can call us today.

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Carrollwood Moving Services

Moving Services

You’re so close to our office that scheduling your moving services in Carrollwood is easier than ever. We can wait on you hand and foot. We can store your boxes in the office if needed.

Carrollwood Packer Service

Packer Service

Sam’s Movers offers the packer service of choice for Carrollwood. Everything for you is provided by your personal packers. And, what’s best, is that the same help can unpack the same boxes.

Carrollwood Storage Move

Storage Move

Making your storage move from Carrollwood could be to anywhere. We do suggest that for good planning, you choose close to the airport. If you need to fly back, only 2 minutes to what you need.

Sam’s Movers Carrollwood

Moving is hard. There is no question about that. When you choose your moving day with Sam’s Movers, everything starts to be easier. Our moving office in Carrollwood is close to you or your destination. We can go back and forth to verify any information beforehand. All required equipment and planning finishes. When your movers arrive on your day, consider your decision to use Sam’s the right one.

Carrollwood and Weather Challenges

After a month living in Carrollwood, you know what we mean by weather challenges. That means standing water, parking lots in the street, and complete utter mess. Sam’s Movers will still move you out in the weather.

For people moving to Carrollwood, you should expect rain in the afternoons. Heavy rains and day 2 or 3, Carrollwood is notorious for flooding. The streets in the area will easily have a foot of water everywhere. Although the locals are very good at driving with windshield wipers, you can expect our moving team to navigate a few minutes behind for safety; however, we set up pop-ups and move you home regardless of the weather.

Many locals say, Carrollwood is the best area.

Carrollwood is one of the cities considered in the heart of everything. Your choice to move to Carrollwood was a good one. You can enjoy short trips to anything and be on your way in multiple directions.

Privacy and space is the name of the game. Your new home has the potential for a ton of space. If not, the high budget associated with Carrollwood allows for park outings, public pool games, lake birthdays and more. You can always count on bike trails also.

For more activities, things like escape rooms, indoor golf bars and the zoo are located less than 15 minutes from you. Your kids will be greatly entertained, or just the inner kid in you. We are happy to welcome you at Sam’s Movers and encourage you to give us a try as our office will always be located in Carrollwood.


Located on Dale Mabry in Carrollwood


Telephone: 813-293-2073
16133 N Dale Mabry Hwy,
Tampa, FL 33618


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