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Sam's Movers Citrus Park Florida


Your local movers for Citrus Park is Sam’s Movers. We have an office only one exit up the Suncoast/Veteran’s. Your moving day is scheduled as easy as walking in the office, calling or using the form.

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Citrus Park Moving Service

Moving Service

Sam’s Movers brings all the necessary labor and equipment needed for a great experience. As your moving service in Citrus Park, we want to make you happy. We bring our local team of men and women to move you out and move you in.

Citrus Park Packer


Your moving day will slowly approach. As your target day gets closer, you may need a packer in Citrus Park. The staff at Sam’s Movers will make it easier for you by providing boxes, so you won’t have to make a trip and spend money.

Citrus Park Storage Moving

Storage Moving

Storage moving in Citrus Park has its own strategy. There are several storage facilities in the area to choose from, or you chose from. We sign the right paperwork to be on the premises and load/unload your belongings quickly.

Sam’s Movers Citrus Park

Our process is based on experience – over 25 years of experience. Sam’s Movers asks questions about your home, condo, apartment or office. We want to know what equipment we need to bring, and what challenges we’ll face with your property. At Sam’s, we agree to move just about anything. Stairs, elevators, building staff, time schedules and more can conflict your plan and our plan. We’ll be on the phone with you, and we’ll ask for a video or two. Moving is a great challenge, easier to do it safely and smartly.

Citrus Park and traffic.

The Veteran’s Highway or the Suncoast, depending on how you say it, is the main road for Citrus Park moves. Most moves into and out of Citrus Park must take some traffic into consideration. At 7AM, there is a parking lot out there until 9:30AM; but, don’t worry! Our trucks are parked 10 minutes away by local roads, we will be on time in the mornings.

For afternoons, heading north anytime after 4PM is mostly discouraged. There are roughly 100k cars heading north at this time. We do our best, but moving north is sometimes scheduled for the following morning. All this information and more will be provided when you speak to our staff by phone.

Citrus Park has many great advantages

So you finally decided to move to Citrus Park. That’s really great for you. The city of Citrus Park has made things great for family outdoor activities, nightlife and attractions. Below, we’ll explore a little and get you interested in your city.

Who makes a safe skate park? Citrus Park Village Park is amazing for safety on 2 or 4 wheels. With a wacky sidewalk oval, you can pedal a bike as fast as fun can handle. Skateboards and scooters also have a ton of obstacles for your inner kid to tire immediately.

There are tons of activities that you’ll enjoy once you settle in. Firstly, stop by the big cat rescue or the cattle ranch. Secondly, there is a huge mall in Citrus Park to gather those things that you’ll need. Thirdly, pack the fishing rods or hit the trails, as your choice of city is packed full of great outdoor fun. And lastly, nightcaps and sports bars are located everywhere that a cab can take you. You’ll enjoy a great neighborhood and tons of fun once your moving day is successful with Sam’s Movers. Call us anytime, we’re right down the road.


One Exit Away from Citrus Park


Telephone: 813-293-2073
16133 N Dale Mabry Hwy,
Tampa, FL 33618


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