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Moving With Storage

Storage moves both in and out can be a hassle. Save time and money with Sam's. Also save your back and any risk involved with a truck.

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Movers Services

We move everything except for ammunition. Any type of ammunition must be moved in your personal vehicle. Lakeland proud, but not stupid.

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We Pack As Movers

We box everything for you in an assembly line. Everything is secure on its way to another location. Merry days ahead with Sam's.

Clearwater Beach Mover Sam’s Movers

Need movers? Living in the Clearwater Beach area is busy. Nestled in the heart of Coronado and Mandalay means traffic, hustle and bustle. Using a professional moving service to ward off traffic and bring your home or office to your new location requires experience. Sam’s movers Clearwater Beach is one of the most recognized moving services in the area. We are located just minutes from Clearwater Beach and would love to be your primary choice for transportation. Take the time to view our company online and make a decision based on experience. All it takes is one phone call to an experienced mover to understand that we are professionals. Call Sam today and start a conversation.

Moving to Sunny Clearwater Beach

The white sand beaches and calm shores of Clearwater Beach, Florida are some of the best beaches that can be found in America. It is located by the Gulf of Mexico in Pinellas County on the west central coast of Florida. Clearwater Beach, without question, is an ideal retirement destination and a cozy place to settle in where you can raise your children.

Clearwater Beach is famous for Pier 60, a famous tourist destination for those who want to enjoy a day on the beach or go fishing. Pier 60 is always alive with varied entertaining activities both for children and adults. Street performers showcase their musical acts and expert craftsmen display their beautiful trinkets. On most days, local artist can also be seen showing off their most recent art works for tourists to buy.

Deep-sea fishing is also a famous past time for a lot of enthusiasts not just for folks from Clearwater Beach but also for those coming from all over America. If you are considering relocating to a beautiful bayside property in this paradise, Sam’s Movers can do the job for you and your family.

Getting to Clearwater without Any Hassle

Sam’s Movers’ main office is located in Tampa, Florida that is 39 minutes away from Clearwater Beach via FL-60. If you are taking the US-19 route, it will take you almost an hour to get to the destination all the way from Tampa.

Moving should not be a hassle for your and your family if you choose Sam’s Movers as we can also do the packing for you. Our highly trained staff knows how to put protective covering on your furniture and appliances. This will guarantee that your belongings remain intact until you reach your destination.

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