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An Agricultural Haven

Hillsborough County is the fourth most populated county in Florida. It has a population of 1,229, 226. The county has a total area of 1,266 square miles. Its land is comprised of 1,020 square miles and the rest is water.

Cigar making and agriculture were the two industries where the county got most of its income. In 2012, the county became Florida’s second largest agricultural output. It has bested the other counties in Florida. The largest crop produced in the area was strawberries. Vegetables and ornamental plants come second and third, respectively.

Some of the adjacent counties to Hillsborough are Pasco County on the north and Manatee County on the south and Pinellas on the west. Hillsborough’s southern part consists mostly of water.

This could be why the area has a very fertile soil that is appropriate for an agricultural business. Entrepreneurs who plan to venture into organic farming can add Hillsborough, as a great prospect to expand their business.

Hillsborough County has a lot of preserves and parks that families and hikers can enjoy. The county is home to Alafia River state park and Hillsborough River state park. Newlyweds and families who love to go on nature trips will enjoy living in Hillsborough.

With various parks situated in Hillsborough, you can make this county your home base. This means endless nature trips with your family can be expected in the future.

Sporting companies can also benefit from Hillsborough County’s parks and preserves. The county’s trails and parks can be a great testing ground for their products.

Why choose Hillsborough?

Hillsborough County is a great place for people who want a piece of the city but still have laid back kind of lifestyle. Certain towns in Hillsborough offers a suburban feel. This is perfect for families who want to give their children the opportunity to explore and enjoy parks. The officials in Hillsborough takes public safety as one of their top priorities. This is to further attract people to move to their county.

In general, the cost of living in Hillsborough is in the middle. They have affordable housing and luxurious homes available, depending on one’s need.

One of the key factors that they believe seals the deal for families is its work-life balance. The county has a bustling economy not only in agriculture but in other industries as well. For the life aspect, it has various parks and preserves that are scattered in various towns. The accessibility of these nature parks gives residents the chance to relax. This gives them the chance to ready themselves to go back to the grind on the next working week.


Sam’s Movers is Hillsborough’s professional moving service, a company you can rely on

After weighing the pros and cons, your family says yes to moving to Hillsborough County. The next step? Find a reliable professional moving service. A company that can safeguard your items and provide a stress-free move to the county.

Sam’s Movers offers nationwide and state to state moves. You don’t have to worry about your things because our team can pack and label them in a proper and efficient manner. Do you have your packing list ready? We can provide a free quote based on your list.

Need a customized packing solution for your things? Sam’s offer exceptional packing and moving solutions to clients. Before the official move, we can drop by your home and make a plan to ensure the move is smooth and seamless.

Don’t think you will have enough space for all your items? Sam’s Movers does have a storage facility where we can store your items. We can discuss how long you need the storage for and how you wish to move them in the future.

With Sam’s Movers, there is no need to worry about your move. We will pack and handle your items safely. And once we reach your new place, your items are still in one piece and in pristine condition.

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