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Moving to a new location is an excellent decision. When choosing a company to help you move, the mover of choice should be Sam’s Movers. Sam’s has been moving since 1990. At Sam’s, we are meticulous about taking care of your home. We move your home from county to county with ease. You have so much going on that a full-service mover is what you need to make your move go smoothly. We are looking to make you part of the neighborhood by hiring the neighborhood mover. Our rates are superb so call us for an estimate today.

Sometimes moving is really a hassle and can take you away from work and leisure time. Along with this stressful situation, you may not be fit to take the job of moving on. Whether you lack the physical strength to move heavy objects or have health conditions that frown upon excessive moving and heavy lifting, it may not be in your best interest to do it all by yourself. This is where Sam’s Movers comes to the rescue. We take pride in helping everyone out with their move. Our experienced crew works quickly and efficiently. We know how to pack and store items extra carefully for moves down the street or hundreds of miles away alike.

Sam’s Movers always keeps you and your belongings in mind. Since we deal with personal belongings all day long, we understand that the safety and preservation are key. Carefully handling every piece we move helps to secure the wellbeing of your precious items. Call your friends here at Sam’s Movers to get this show on the road.

Storage SERVICES & Units

Moving and storage companies help get people out of their old homes and into their new ones. A good moving and storage company, like Sam’s Movers, will ensure that your belongings and precious heirlooms are secured and transported safely. A poor moving and storage company doesn’t take proper care of your property while they transport it from your old home to your new one, so trust an established moving and storage company when you’re planning your move.

Our experienced team knows what it takes to get your move going. Sam’s Movers is a leader in moving and storing quickly and effectively. We take extra care to preserve the well being of your belongings. Sam’s Movers provides excellent service with a smile – get to know us and give us a call today!


Moving your home or office with a professional packing service is crucial. Sam’s Movers will happily pack all of your belongings for storage or a quick relocation. We offer packing in both cardboard and sustainable boxing. We always keep the well-being of your items in thought, so we take extra care when handling your items. Our team quickly and safely transfers your life or workspace to another location with affordable rates. Call us today for packing services and streamline this process with a trusted leader in the business.


Sam’s Movers can go the distance! If you have a big move in thought, it can be scary. Whether relocating a few houses down or moving cross-country, it is a very delicate process. Getting everything in order and making the arrangements to get into your new place is something that takes up time and can fill your schedule right up. In the meantime, Sam’s Movers will safely pack, transport, and store your items until you’re ready to get into the new home.

Sam’s Movers is highly recognized as a long distance mover and our success stories will let you know you’re in good hands. Get to know us! Give us a call today for your big move.

Piano Moving


Pianos tend to reside in a very humid environment. Exposure to any elements in Florida will expand your piano. When you are looking to move your piano, you need to take the weather into consideration.

Sam’s Movers knows pianos backward and forward. We can help you get pianos into and out of your home, office, or conservatory. Any floor. Any Size. We have trucks to fit any instrument – concert pianos to home stand-ups. Keeping the value in mind, we carefully handle every item while the move takes place.  We want to be your family movers for any and all heavy lifting. Clean and courteous. Call us for any of your piano moving services.

Eviction Movers for Realtors

We Move Pods

Realtors often struggle when removing tenants. Many programs are available for tenants, like cash for keys, giving the tenants ample time. When all else fails, we offer same day or next day moves to brokers and realtors. If you need help with finding a service that gets the job done promptly, look no further. Sam’s Movers will safely move items that are small like pictures and knick knacks, or big like pianos or safes. Choosing Sam’s Movers will guide you in the right direction. We take pride in assisting you with these sticky situations. Call us today and engage in a prestigious moving experience.

Furniture Moving

The risk of moving heavy furniture by yourself can expose you to considerable danger if done without the proper safety procedures. That’s why it’s best to place your trust in seasoned professionals like us. We make sure to treat all of your belongings with the utmost care once the move starts. Our meticulous packing process takes into consideration the dimensions and the shape of each piece of furniture to ensure that they are carefully and safely packed before loading them up for transport.

When it comes to moving furniture across Tampa, no else does it better than Sam’s Movers. As one of the premier furniture moving companies in Tampa, we pride ourselves in our speed and efficiency. We understand the difficulties of moving furniture, especially since bulky items like couches or tables can be particularly challenging to transport it from one house to another. Our years of experience when it comes of furniture transport makes us one of the best in the area, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just schedule a date and time for us to move your furniture, and we’ll be there. Our familiarity with Tampa also makes any relocation a simple task for us.

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