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Your home in Ridgecrest, FL is easily moved by Sam’s Movers. Our rates can be customized for pack yourself, use your own truck, or store it for free please. Ask on the phone about any specials that we have. Call today, move tomorrow at Sam’s Movers.


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Ridgecrest Moving - Sam's Movers


Moving to Ridgecrest, FL means packing a full house. The houses in Ridgecrest are normally 2 to 3 bedrooms with a backyard also. Your home is a large moving day undertaking. Please take the time to get a quote from Sam’s Movers.

Ridgecrest Home Packing - Sam's Movers

Home Packing

You want to do home packing by yourself? Works for some of your stuff pretty good, minus driving to dumpsters finding boxes. Pack your blower up and all your motors, tools and stuff. Sam’s Movers makes quick work of everything.

Ridgecrest Storage Service - Sam's Movers

Storage Service

We offer sometimes free storage service. The advantages of living in Ridgecrest are endless for storage units; however, Sam’s Movers has open units too. Overlapping, under-lapping and relationships means we got you.

Movers Ridgecrest FL

Your cousin or a teenager down the street packing your car up won’t move your couch or fridge without serious damage – possibly to themselves. Choose Sam’s Movers as your movers in Ridgcrest and be happy that your cousin is okay with not missing work. You no longer need to know people with a truck at Sam’s Movers, our staff will 100% make sure that your fridge doesn’t fall off a pickup truck.

Does Ridgecrest, FL have renters protection?

Ridgcrest, FL falls under the renter’s protection laws of the city of St Petersburg. Many times your complex provides renters insurance or requires it. Your rights as a renter include the following things:

  • Mandatory windows and doors located on the building with ceilings .
  • Electric and Plumbing, including mandatory hot water in kitchen and bathroom.
  • Heating source, such as a stove; but, not manadory inside the building.

At Sam’s Movers, we’ve seen every possible combination of renting drama on both sides. The best part about using a local mover is a little bit of consulting goes a long way. Remember, over 25 years in the area means we’ve moved people in and out of everywhere. We have already spoken to the landlords or tenants many times before. Call us anytime.

Will my mover move the fridge through my door?

Yes, the fridge will be moved by the mover. Half of all moves require the removal of fridge doors or front door to move the fridge. Many door manufacturers have understood that the wider, the better. Older homes in Ridgcrest have a slanted driveway and smaller door. We’ll move the fridge and all appliances for you at Sam’s Movers. A suggestion would be to ask the landlord if it is yours first.


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