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Sam’s Movers headquarters is 30 minutes from all of Pasco County. You’ll always be able to visit our office. Residential and office moves are appreciated. You can fill out the form below for a callback or schedule your move with our staff by phone.


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Moving Services Pasco County, FL - Sam's Movers

Moving Services

Over time, our moving services have involved into listening to the customer. We’re very good at handling your home with care. Everything is easier with the right tool for the job. Sam’s Movers has been serving Pasco County for over 25 years. We like our customers.

Home Packing Pasco County, FL - Sam's Movers

Home Packing

You can weigh the differences between home packing yourself or using Sam’s Movers. You will save time not shopping. Your money spent on things that we already provide is tough. For local moves, we just use plastic tubs. That will save all of us money.

Storage Mover Pasco County, FL - Sam's Movers

Storage Mover

Utilizing a storage mover like Sam’s Movers includes price breaks, knowledge or process, and convenience. You can move direct to our unit. Your house closing delays, we move you in, out, then in your home. We are very easy to work with.

Moving to Pasco – a Haven for Retirement

Pasco County in the state of Florida is a warm and accommodating home to numerous retirees and a haven of beautiful parks and trails that line long lengths of natural rivers. Scenic trails also comb the shorelines of the Gulf of Mexico, several lakes and railways, making it an ideal setting for those seeking a quiet family life or starting out new businesses.
Some of the widely visited spots in the county include the Anclote Key Preserve State Park, the Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park, Starkey Wilderness Preserve, Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve, Anclote River Park, and the Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve.

If you are the adventurous type, there is a wide array of fun activities that you and your family can try out at Pasco County. You can go water-skiing, skydiving or simply get on a boat to check out the rich marine reserves in the community.

What Makes Pasco County Appealing?

As of 2015, the county has reached the population of 497,909. Its county seat is Dade City, with New Port Richey as its largest city. Most of the population of Pasco County thrives on commercial fishing. Economically, the future job growth in the county for the next 10 years is expected at 38.06 percent.

The cost of living in Pasco County compared to other progressive cities and counties in Florida is considerably affordable. Mostly, it’s the housing cost that is the heaviest in any family’s budget. The education services, however, are quite desirable. Pasco County pays $8,709 per student where it concerns each child’s education. Students get to enjoy a 1 is to 14 student ratio in a single classroom setting.

In terms of health services in the county, there are 129 physicians for every 100,000 population. When it comes to the climate, you can expect 244 days of sunny weather in Pasco County. It gets 53 inches of rain every year, the average in the United States being 39. Snowfall is 0 inches. An average city in the United States gets about 26 inches of snow every year. No wonder people in their retirement age prefer the sunny weather in Pasco County.

In terms of job opportunities in the county, records show that it has been maintaining a positive trend over the years. The average salary in Pasco County per year is $44,518. The median home cost is $144,800.

Sam’s Movers in Tampa is Your Answer

If you are thinking of moving to Pasco County, whether to reside or put up a business office, you would need a lot of help from professional movers in Tampa who can guarantee that your personal belongings and prized possessions get to your destination safely and on time. Such is the brand of service that Sam’s Movers delivers to all of its clients nationwide.

No matter where your destination may be in the United States, we can help you get your things there. These can range from home furniture to office equipment. They may be a priceless grand piano, appliances, rare and valuable antiques, Sam’s Movers can get it done for you and your business.

The company has the necessary equipment, staff and expertise to cater to your moving needs. For one, we have professionals who can even do the packing for you. We can guarantee that your possessions will be well taken care of. Should there be a need for you to avail of storage services for a certain period of time, Sam’s Movers can also make these arrangements for you.


Clean, Polite, Southern & Beautiful People at Sam’s.

Sam’s Movers’ core competency is being able to travel long distances without compromising the safety of your possessions. We are a fully licensed and insured team of hardworking and honest professionals dedicated to make your moving as hassle-free as possible.

You may contact our business office for your inquiries and bookings.


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