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Get a quote from Sam’s Movers for your home, trailer or business move in Aripeka. At Sam’s, the customer is always right. We’ll do our best to show up on time, and handle all your concerns. The truck will be parked, rain or shine. Hope to see you soon, call today.


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Aripeka Moving Service - Sam's Movers

Moving Service

Country and remote moving service is here at Sam’s Movers. We know Aripeka roads are dirt in some areas. There is no need to explain anything. Our drivers can back up just about anywhere, unless it is physically impassable.

Aripeka Packer Services - Sam's Movers

Packer Services

Most Southerners and snowbirds in Aripeka use our company as their packing service. There are no box stores nearby. You’ll always need to make more than one run. We’ll always have the right equipment to pack you up.

Aripeka Storage Move - Sam's Movers

Storage Move

For your storage move, we suggest closest to where you want to rent or next the airport. If you are a snowbird, you may fly back for something. Other than that, ask about our storage rates as well. We know a ton of companies.

Movers Aripeka, FL

Enjoy your moving day as much as you can with an experienced local mover in Aripeka. Sam’s Movers has been servicing both sides of US 19 for over 25 years. Our business knows our stuff when it comes to securing your belongings and transporting them safely. Quotes are available. Yes we do offer same day and next day moves for Aripeka.

Let’s Talk Tree Roads with Sam’s Movers

People move to Aripeka for privacy and property. They know that there are waterways, alligators, ancient goliath mosquitoes, and manatees everywhere. But when it comes to moving, you can’t take none of them with you. So why choose Sam’s Movers? Because we are specialists in the backroads of Aripeka. We want to know the tough information about your tree situation. Our company has a wide range of vehicles to suit your needs in and on the tree roads.

How Can We Lower Our Bill?

The following are ways to cut costs with Sam’s Movers:

  1. Large jobs are cheaper as Sam’s offers hourly rates after hour 3.
  2. Sometimes, hillbillies like to use their own trucks and hire us to do the lifting. This may save you big, or may cost you more.
  3. We’re here to do only the packing. Our team will come in their normal cars to help.
  4. Asking your neighbors if anyone needs things move will significantly share some costs for you.


Aripeka Loves Sam’s Movers


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Get to know us! Give us a call today for your big move.

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