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Sam's Movers Kenneth City


Neighborhoods need moving companies, and Sam’s Movers is a local mover in Kenneth City. You don’t have to be expensive to hire a mover; you only have to need a truck. We’re not too far away, and our office is always open for your smiles.


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Kenneth City Movers - Sam's Movers


Movers are a personal choice. Our company has employees, an office locally, and mouths to feed in the area. We’re local movers that you can trust to see again, throughout your life. We hope you call us for a quote today.

Kenneth City Packing Company - Sam's Movers

Packing Company

Using Sam’s Movers as your packing company makes your moving day easier. Your stuff could be valuable. It is always easier to have people who do things daily, do what they do. Sam’s packs everyone, and they arrive home safely.

Kenneth City Storage Move - Sam's Movers

Storage Move

Lots of people need a storage move in Kenneth City. Move out on the 19th; move in on the first. Having Sam’s Movers do it, sometimes the storage is Free. Better companies have better options. However, our storage is further away then you’re comfortable with.

Movers Kenneth City FL

Why do you move to Kenneth City? Because people like you live there. You’re not a beach person, because you are smarter than that. You want to live next to the big commerce. You want the opportunities involved with no bridge commute. You’re next to work and, or the office, and you’re just as comfortable with the inter-coastal sunset and your boating opportunities.

What are my kid’s educational options for Kenneth City?

Tons of opportunities for your kids to meet great kids are in Kenneth City. The population is large; the friends your kids make are large, too. That means blue checkmark elementary schools. That means great high schools. That means southern teaching with a Florida beach feel. Flip flops are always an option for your kids throughout their life.

How fast can Sam’s Movers come to Kenneth City?

Sam’s Movers will make it to Kenneth City today, if necessary. You can count on Sam’s to pack you up and move you out. Your local mover is right downtown, and our trucks are always close to you. Speak with us today or a month from now. We’ll always be close when you need us.


We Have a Wide Variety of Moving Services for Kenneth City.


Telephone: 813-293-2073
16133 N Dale Mabry Hwy,
Tampa, FL 33618


Get to know us! Give us a call today for your big move.

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