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Sam’s Movers knows most of the USF buildings very well. When moving, you’ll need strong assistance. We hope you choose Sam’s Movers for your moving team on your moving day. Help is available to carry heavy things up and down stairs in your complex. Call our office or request a quote below. Yes! We’re open.

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USF Home Mover - Sam's Movers

Home Mover

In the USF area, home movers have to transform themselves into apartment or dorm movers. Jefferson Commons or other complexes, are 3-5 stories with no elevator. Sam’s Movers will tackle your couch, fridge and more.

USF Home Packing - Sam's Movers

Home Packing

The safest way to get your stuff to its destination is using our home packing service. We will dolly your belongings from one side of a complex to another. Best to keep things safe and secure when talking about transportation.

USF Storage Movers - Sam's Movers

Storage Movers

The best thing about using Sam’s Movers as your storage mover is sometimes we offer you free storage. USF complexes give you the boot, sometimes for various reasons. It is good to ask about your options by phone.

Movers University of South Florida

Some of the best memories are living within 5 minutes of the University of South Florida. It is tons of fun, and there are many people to meet. Sam’s Movers is fairly popular with complex and dorm management. We will know which building you are in, ensuring the proper process is followed per the rules in Camden, Jefferson Commons, Park Place and Avalon.

Are there positive activities at USF?

If Sam’s Movers can help you in your life, please take Spanish every semester. You may get your degree and then own a business without using your degree. You may study math/science/art, and never need it while you work a different career. But! If we can encourage you to take a positive activity, Sam’s Movers promises that taking Spanish I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and VIII will positively affect your life forever.

If Sam’s Movers can help you in your life also, please play a team sport. You’ll work forever, but finding an interesting sport to play will be great. We suggest softball, disc golf, and maybe even horseback riding. Things that get you outside that you can do later in your life and be relatively confident in.

Should My Kid Take a Partial Apartment or a Dorm at USF?

The advice we have for you from Sam’s Movers is to give your child a blessing. Take the cheaper route provides your child the ability to work a few hours a week to make the $250 payment for a room, electric, and water. This gives your child tons of money to spend on things they want, plus prepares them for having money on hand for problems in their future.


Sometimes relationships can be made when you decide to put them in more costly apartment to meet other expensive children. Those relationships will take your child far, as their parents have money to put into their future endeavors, which may include your child. This also exposes your child to a different mindset then you raised them.


If you have a headstrong knucklehead, shy away from the dorms, as rules are just the opposite of their way of life. Being forced to leave the dorms causes trauma and also could interrupt their education for a semester. These decisions are a blessing from you, no matter how you choose to educate your child for the real world.


We Move All Sizes of Apartments and Homes at USF


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