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Moving to or from Lutz is easy with Sam’s Movers. Located only minutes down the street, our crew of movers can help you anytime. Quotes are below, or call for instant gratification.

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Lutz Moving Services - Sam's Movers

Moving Services

As the primary home mover for Lake Magdalene, Sam’s Movers expects to be on time. We strive to offer a smile and southern courtesy. We know that living cost money and moving does too. Call anytime for great rates and a quote.

Lutz Home Packer - Sam's Movers

Home Packer

The most aggravating thing during a move is to break something. If you use Sam’s packing service, then we organize and box things right the first time. Your move is simple as we unpack just like we loaded. Save time and aggravations with Sam’s.

Lutz Storage Moves - Sam's Movers

Storage Moves

Part of life is needing storage movers. Your home is close to our headquarters. Finding a storage unit in your area includes our relationships. We can accommodate your closing date by a move to storage at sometimes a free rate.

Movers Lutz FL

Relax and unwind in the great city of Lutz, Fl. A large city in the northern Bay Area that boasts wide open land, with an upscale feel to it. Many people that move to the suburbs enjoy the privacy without the traffic.

How can I enjoy myself in Lutz?

Our personal favorite thing to do in Lutz is visit the International Beer Garden. This is a small taste of Hooters right here in your neighborhood. Enjoy a wide selection of activities while watching sports on TV.


Regardless of what you like to call fun, when everything is quiet in Lutz, that will be fun. The sounds of nothing in the morning. The sounds of birds in the afternoon. The sounds of frogs at night. That’s the best part about your day before you jump in the car and drive south.

Any hidden gems in the Lutz area?

If it is your first time in Florida, Sam’s Movers welcomes you. We have a grocery store called Publix that is rather popular for lunch. Publix makes deli fresh subs with fresh bread, vegetables, chips and sweet tea. We recommend the chicken finger sub as a treat for your day along with the salt n pepper kettle chips. Wow! And the best thing is… Publix is everywhere in Florida. We hope you choose Sam’s Movers, and if you do, please have a few subs waitin’ for us when we arrive! Unsweet tea please. Hey! You’re in Florida now.


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