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If you plan on moving to the equestrian area of Keystone, FL; then we hope you choose Sam’s Movers. As a local mover serving Keystone, you can count on timely, facilitated moves. No, we do not move horses. Yes, we do move barn equipment. Request a quote here, or call the office.

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Keystone Home Mover - Sam's Movers

Home Mover

The large equestrian community likes Sam’s Movers as their home mover. Wide open land and private homesteads are simple for Sam’s variety of truck sizes. We arrive to move a home with the right mindset.

Keystone Home Packers - Sam's Movers

Home Packers

Most moves in Keystone require home packers. If you want to use your trailer, then we will load it for you. Livestock is a full day’s work. Many chores have to be performed making home packers important.

Keystone Storage Service - Sam's Movers

Storage Service

For storage service please note that if we move your barn, sometimes critters move too. Sam’s Movers has existing relationships with storage facilities; but we will move you to a container upon request.

Movers Keystone FL

Long driveways and cattle in your yard is the Keystone, FL life. Sam’s moving team is comfortable with your animals during a move. We do prefer that you put up your goats before allowing us to enter your property.

Is Keystone a Private Community?

The roads of Keystone are open to the public; however, there are several presidential and congress driven game reserves. Keystone is full of ranch life. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll get to see some animals while you’re there – antelope, rhinos, and wildebeests.

Enjoy the Country Life of Keystone, Florida.

People enjoy their life in Keystone. Neighbors help each other on a regular basis. Outsiders are people that you don’t know; however the mailman is treated like family.


The roads of Keystone are mostly yours to tend. Trailers of animals and grain are up and down. Living with animals is hard, you know, you got kids. If you are looking to move to gain some acreage and quiet in Keystone, we hope you call Sam’s Movers first.


A Keystone Animal-Lover Mover


Telephone: 813-293-2073
16133 N Dale Mabry Hwy,
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