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Moving With Storage

Storage moves both in and out can be a hassle. Save time and money with Sam's. Also save your back and any risk involved with a truck.

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Movers Services

We move everything except for ammunition. Any type of ammunition must be moved in your personal vehicle. Lakeland proud, but not stupid.

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We Pack As Movers

We box everything for you in an assembly line. Everything is secure on its way to another location. Merry days ahead with Sam's.

St. Petersburg Moving Company!

Sam’s Movers will assist you and your family with making that giant plunge to move into a new location. We know almost every street in St Pete will be a great experience for your home. Sam will take your moving very personal. We care for your life from into the box to out of the box. We know you are excited and your move will require a ton of brain power to get through. Trust Sam to bring you that extra need of support to help the moving process seem seamless. We pack for you, move your belongings, help you store them until your new home is ready and unpack right next to you. Everyday low price at $99/hr for 2 men and a truck. Schedule online your movw or call today for a moving day reservation!

Enjoying the Sunshine in St. Petersburg

If a lot of sunlight makes you happy, St. Petersburg, also known as the Sunshine City, must be on top of your list of places to visit. If you are looking beyond visiting and considering relocating to a highly urbanized city with a lot of job opportunities, this may just be the ideal place for you.

St. Petersburg is located in Florida’s Gulf Coast, making up the Tampa Bay area. It is very famous for its gorgeous weather that is conducive for golfing, fishing, boating, and spending long hours on the pristine white sand beaches. Its warm waters, powdery white sand and blue skies are priceless sights even for its residents.

Who wouldn’t want to live in an island paradise like St. Petersburg? If it’s a go for you and your family, consider working with professional movers who have been in the industry for over 25 years. When it comes to knowing what you need to prepare when relocating, Sam’s Movers is the right company for the job.

Trusted Movers and Packers

Our company is capable of providing you with pods should you need more time to pack your personal belongings. The pod will simply be delivered to your driveway and once you are ready, we will come to pick it up and bring it to your destination.

We can also help if you need a storage warehouse. Sometimes moving to a new house can take some time especially if there are some unforeseen delays. We do crating for your personal belongings right in front of your home before they are tucked away for storage. Upon completion, our flatbed truck will pick up the things and proceed to the storage facility where your possessions will remain safe.

To make your moving experience stress free, choose Sam’s Movers.

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